~ Dance ~ Performance ~


Date: October 23, 19.00 p.m.
Location: Cinnober Teater
Language: None
Price: regular 140:- stud / unemployed 100:-

A body in the dark. The sound of creaking sneakers. Verbal descriptions of the body’s movements. The romanian choreographer Manuel Pelmus performance Preview blows the old conventions of the dance language out of the water, and lets you in on an aural dance experience.

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kristofWhat is the European model of co production developing?

~ Lecture ~

Kristof Blom

Date: October 30, 19.00 p.m
Location: TBA
Language: English
Price: Free

What is the European model of co production developing? The co production model is rapidly becoming a self evident model of production within contemporary performing arts. This model, however, is also one that raises many questions.

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Bojana-MladenovićCare for learning and learning to care

~ Lecture ~

Bojana Mladenovic

Date: November 20, 19.00 p.m.
Language: English
Price: Free

Which ideas and methods are developing within central European contemporary dance? What has happened during the last two decades and what is about to develop? We have talked a lot about the Giessen syndrom in Germany but what is happening within dance?

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film An Enemy of The People: The Journey To Survival

~ Film ~ Lecture ~

Ibrahim Ghareib

Date: December 04, 19.00 p.m.
Language: Arabic / English
Price: Free

The Film shows the journey of an independent theatre company that decides to perform a very provocative play (based on Ibsen’s play THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE) addressing the issues of democracy, the corrupt regime, the rule of the majority and the manipulation of the crowd.

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~ Dance ~ performance ~

Nora Amin 

Date: December 06, 19.00 p.m.
Location: TBA
Language: English
Price: regular 140:- stud. / unemployed: 100:-

“ARAB” starts by exposing the labels of identity (Arab Muslim woman), and the look of the other; then goes towards a live exploration of how one can find his/her profound self. “I can only write myself truthfully in the language of the other who labels me”.

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Laura McDermott

~ Lecture ~


Examining contemporary curating 


Laura McDermott & Harun Morrison (GB)

: March 13 2014, 19.00 p.m.
Loaction: Valand Academy, Vasagatan 50
Language: English
Price: free entrance

Artistic directors for Birmingham’s prominent live art festival, Fierce Festival, Laura McDermott and Harun Morris takes place in our lecture program in Gothenburg to further our understanding of cultural context in England. A large part of the lecture will address the artistic discourses develop today within European performing arts and examine forms of thinking in contemporary curating More info





~ Theater ~
Boris Nikitin (CH) with Beatrice Fleischlin (CH)

 & Malte Scholz (DE).

Date: march 28 2014, 19.00 p.m.
Location: Cinnober Teater, Masthuggsterassen 3
Language: English
Price: ordinary (140:- stud. / Unempl. 100:-)

Fake diaries, fake images, fake secret service reports, fake scientific protocols, fake biographies, fake documents – at some point they were all believed to be real. Only when they were revealed to be fakes did it become clear that reality can deceive.  More info

Christophe~ Lecture ~


Christophe Slagmuylder (BE) 

Date: April 16 2014, 19.00 p.m.
Location: Högskolan för scen och musik, Fågelsången 1
Language: English
Price: free entrance

Artistic director for Europe’s cutting-edge Kunstenfestivaldearts, Christophe Slagmuylder takes place in our lecture program in Gothenburg. Which is the aspects that carry what we today call for contemporary performing arts and what makes a performing arts piece to a cutting-edge.  More info

Rasha Abdel-Moneim Mahmoud~ Lecture ~
Rasha Abdel-Moneim Mahmoud (EG)

Date: April 29 2014, 19.00 p.m.
Location: TBA
Language: English
Price: free entrance

Rasha Abdel-Moneim Mahmoud is an important and energetic voice from the theatre scene of Cairo will visit Gothenburg in order to share her story of a remarkable personal journey through political turmoil and dynamic artistic eruption.  More info


~  Performance, Dance, Theater  ~

Deeply Really Truly 


Date: May 30 2014, 19.00 p.m.
Location: Skogen, Masthuggsterassen 3
Language: English
Price: ordinary 140:- students / unemployed 100:-

 On the stages of pop, politics, business and religion, a tightly scripted healing ritual has established itself: the public apology. Deeply, Really, Truly dedicates itself to this ritual with a performance on the power and disempowerment of words and our shared experience of emotion.  More info

tomorrowa_parties~  Theater  ~

Tomorrow’s Parties  

Tim Etchells (GB)

Date: Jun 13, 19.00 p.m.
Location: Folkteatern, (vid Järntorget) Olof Palmes Plats
Language: English
BOOKINGS at : Folkteatern Tel 031-60 75 75 and:
Price: ordinary 140:- students / unemployed 100:-

International innovators Forced Entertainment’s latest performance
imagines a multitude of hypothetical futures. On a makeshift fair ground stage, wreathed in coloured lights, two performers speculate about what tomorrow might bring.  More info