Deeply Really Truly


LEA MARTINI (Heidelberg, Germany)  NOHA RAMADAN (Sydney, Australien)


Date: May 30 2014, 19.00 p.m.
Location: Skogen: Masthuggsterassen 3
Language: English
Price: ordinary 140:- students / unemployed 100

On the stages of pop, politics, business and religion, a tightly scripted healing ritual has established itself: the public apology. Deeply, Really, Truly dedicates itself to this ritual with a performance on the power and disempowerment of words and our shared experience of emotion.In this ‘Speech Act’, the audience is invited to critically receive the word-gestures of public figures, to evaluate the poetics of both personal and national remorse and to reflect on the affective capability of tactics which range from desperate to pathetic to dangerously cynical.The three performers expose their voices and bodies to an overflow of public apology speeches from the last three decades, in order to talk with the ghosts of the past and engage the question of how we make words matter.

Concept: Lea Martini, Noha Ramadan
Choreography/Performance: Lea Martini, Noha Ramadan, Olivia Reschofsky
Lightdesign: Katinka Marac
Sound: S.M. Snider
Set Design: Ebba Fransén Waldhör
Dramaturgic Advice: Sonja Pregrad, Siegmar Zacharias Production: björn & björnA production of Lea Martini & Noha Ramadan, in Co-production with Theater Freiburg. Supported by the chancellor of Berlin – Senatskanzlei
– Kulturelle Angelegenheiten. With thanks to Sophiensæle Berlin.

LEA MARTINI (DE) lives as a dancer and choreographer in Berlin. After her education in contemporary dance, she studied choreography in Arnhem at the ArtEz and in Amsterdam at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO). She was already on tour with different collectives worldwide. She won the dutch dance price Het Zwaan in 2011.

NOHA RAMADAN (AU/NL) lives as a dancer, choreographer and dramatic adviser in Amsterdam and Berlin. She met Lea Martini at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Her own artistic projects range between dance, music and performance and are affected by her interest in language and writing.

OLIVIA RESCHOFSKY (HU) lives as a dancer and choreographer in Amsterdam. She studied at the Academy for contemporary dance in Budapest and in Amsterdam at the School for New Dance Development.