BORIS NIKITIN (Basel, Swizerland) with BEATRICE FLEISCHLIN (Basel, Swizerland) & MALTE SCHOLZ (Hamburg, Germany)


Date: march 28 2014, 19.00 p.m.
Location: Cinnober Teater
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Address: Masthuggsterassen 3
Language: English
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Fake diaries, fake images, fake secret service reports, fake scientific protocols, fake biographies, fake documents – at some point they were all believed to be real. Only when they were revealed to be fakes did it become clear that reality can deceive. Boris Nikitin thinks about fiction and reality in a documentary show about fraud, manipulation and the power of affirmation. Two actors and a counterfeiter are the central figures in this play.They are imitators who are able to impersonate somebody else.

“Imitation of Life“ is a theatrical balancing act between certainty and uncertainty about information. A profound piece which points to the origin of our suspicion that things might not be what they appear to be.

PERFORMERS & TEXTS: Beatrice Fleischlin & Malte Scholz
DRAMATURGY: Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt
STAGE DESIGN: PanteraPantera/Thomas Wüthrich & Jens Müller
Production Management: Hendrik Unger

Thanks to Jürgen Harksen and Dirk Baecker.

BORIS NIKITIN is a Swiss born theatre director, space designer and curator. His works centre around notions of identity and perceptions of truth, often questioning societal norms and various theatrical schools of thought. A mix between lecture performance and illusion theatre, jumping from the highly conceptual to great theatricality, Nikitin’s works play with the manner in which each performance is framed, with the codes of theatre, perception, spectatorship, as well as with the boundaries between reality and theatre. In Nikitin’s productions the notion of acting itself often comes into question, as the performers don’t usually play any roles as such, rather they appear on stage as themselves, often engaging directly with the audience.

MALTE SCHOLZ works as performer and author. He studied Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen, Germany, and has participated in projects by Laurent Chétouane, Tim Etchells, Heiner Goebbels, Xavier Le Roy and Richard Foreman. Following the solos Woyzeck and F for Fake, Imitation of Life is his third collaboration with Boris Nikitin.

BEATRICE FLEISCHLIN co-founded the performance collective GUEST ROOM and the duo Fleischlin / Galeazzi with whom she works on theatre, installation and interaction. Since 2007 she has worked as a performer / actress alongside Thom Luz, Boris Nikitin, Andreas Liebmann, post theatre and Signa. She also works as an independent choreographer and director. Fleischlin lives and works in Germany and Switzerland, and was recently the ‘author in residence’ at Theatre Basel.


taz: „There isn’t hardly any director who is questioning the status of what he is showing to a greater extend than Nikitin. And it’s just fascinating to see how little theatre needs to be good.“



Imitatio_of_Life_Foto_von_Cecilie_Schmidt boris1